Artist Spotlight Series: Kyasia Johnson

Here at the Flannel Group, we’re incredibly excited to feature Kyasia Johnson from North Carolina for our very first interview in our Artist Spotlight Series. Kyasia has a beautiful art style that feels as experimental as it does surreal.

Check out our interview with this up and coming artist below and be sure to support her!


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was born and raised in North Carolina and grew up always wondering about the world and the people in it. Sounds a bit cliché, but I’ve always been an observer of others. I grew up the quiet one of my family and friends but grew to crack out of my shell as I became more confident and expressive. Art had always been my way of battling any demons I’ve attached along the way of life and it continues to remain that way.
— KJ

What are your earliest memories experiencing art?

My earliest memories experiencing art was of course at home and in elementary school. I used to draw my family and classmates either themselves or different subjects and give them to them to make them happy. Seeing the happiness in their faces was the beginning of knowing what I wanted to do.
— KJ

What got you into art?

I’ve always drawn and sketched throughout the years but when it came down to figure out what I wanted to do as in a career, I didn’t really have a sure answer. I knew what I didn’t want to be as the careers that I’d hear about at the time weren’t appealing for ME to do for my life. I realized, after going for years and months not knowing, that art is what I always wanted to do. I find more solace and joy making art. There are times where it can be stressful, but the overall completion of creating something from nothing is what pushes me to continue.
— KJ

What art piece are you most proud of creating?

My CRT series of art is what I’m most proud of creating (at the moment!) Using a combination of photography and editing in photoshop, I was able to create a series that reflected not only nostalgia, but also a contemporary look on the recent art movement of ‘Vaporwave’. I had a lot of fun in the creation of the series and have plans to do a sequel of sorts to it.
— KJ

Is your art displayed in any galleries and if so, where?

At the moment, my art is currently not displayed in any galleries however the work my CRT series was recently displayed in a local, North Carolina University’s art gallery with the opportunity to talk about my artwork with the students as well.
— KJ

It was an absolute pleasure to interview Kyasia and we wish her the best on her journey through the art world. Follow her below!

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