If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting.
— Katherine Hepburn


Our Story

The Flannel Group was born out of an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for building relationships and websites small businesses/startups. We firmly believe that if you aren't doing something you truly love as a career and you aren't helping others at the same time, then what's the point? We set out to build a work space that doesn't just focus on big companies, but the start ups and creative individuals themselves pushing the boundaries of their respective industries.


Holland Bangura

Lead Graphic Designer/Marketing

Holland comes from an extensive background of marketing and graphic design. As a former college art teacher and current marketer/designer, he understands the importance of creating not just cookie-cutter logos and bare-minimum marketing strategies, but infuses his passion for art and social media into everything he makes.


Eric Kuhns

Lead Website Designer/Marketing

Eric has a ten year plus background in marketing, professional writing, and a strong passion for creating and designing websites. After working as a marketer for a Fortune 500 company and various startups around the Dallas, Texas area, he has developed a keen sense for design, social media, customer retention, and eye-catching website designs.