If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting.
— Katherine Hepburn


Our Story

The Flannel Group was born out of an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for building relationships and websites for small businesses/startups. We firmly believe that if you aren't doing something you truly love as a career and you aren't helping others at the same time, then what's the point? And just to be clear, we are not a “company” or a “business”, nor do we want to be.

Our mission with this site is to provide a service that helps you and your brand stand out and succeed in today’s market. We’re just two professional freelance artists focusing on start ups, small business, and creative individuals. We know you’re pushing the boundaries of your industry and we want to help.


Holland Bangura

Lead Graphic Designer/Marketing

Holland comes from an extensive background of marketing and graphic design. As a former college art teacher and current marketer/designer, he understands the importance of creating not just cookie-cutter logos and bare-minimum marketing strategies, but infuses his passion for art and social media into everything he makes.


Eric Kuhns

Lead Website Designer/Marketing

Eric has a ten year plus background in marketing, professional writing, and a strong passion for creating and designing websites. After working as a marketer for a Fortune 500 company and various startups around the Dallas, Texas area, he has developed a keen sense for design, social media, customer retention, and eye-catching UI/UX designs.


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